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Set on a sprawling 32-acre hilltop estate, the pride rock cottages are a set of premium homestays, just 2 kilometers from kodai lake! The cottages are located on the Sivaganga Estate on Observatory Road. There are six cottages in total. At the priderock cottages, one can feel right at home, but at the same time experience the serenity and bliss of Kodaikanal. Each cottage offers a warm and cozy feel with a homely touch, and a panoramic view of nature. Lying down on the bed, one can see the sourrounding mountains and the lake! All the cotteges are 100% eco friendly and set in a farm house backdrop. There is a plenty of green open space with kennels, dogs and horses stables.

Guests are catered to by a personal chef, and enjoy home cooked meals of their choice.

The Sivaganga estate, built back in 1865 by the famous British architect Sir Hadden, was one of the first houses to be built in Kodaikanal, and is owned by the royal family of sivaganga. The estate is engulfed by beautiful resrved forests. The region has a vast array of wild life including bison, Malabar squirrels and the elusive barking deer as well as a profound variety of birds! Some of the many leisure activities available at the estate include horse riding ,trekking, cycling and bonfires at night. The estate also has a HELIPAD which is used by Bhagwan sri Satya sai baba whenever he visits Kodaikanal.

All in all, the cottages grant its guests the perfect holiday getaway without the out landish accouterments. To experience the fresh Kodaikanal air, enjoy the breathtaking views and engage in various activities, head to the PRIDE ROCK cottages.!

Jungle Retreat

A Welcome Haven to city dwellers to retreat from concrete jungles ! This alluring home stay is a sibling of Pride Rock Suryaholidays.

Nestled within the Siva Ganga Estate abounding with lush pear trees the vegetation provides grazing ground for bisons, horses, wild boars and the like...The adjoining meadows attract the animals. These animals roam around freely.The villa has 5 bedrooms....bath attached, a common dining hall which provides visitors to interact and exchange notes if they so wish.

TARIFF Some thing which suits ones pocket ! Rs 2500 rs PER ROOM

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